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Dental Implants Blackheath

Dental implants not only restore your smile but improve eating ability by replacing failing or missing teeth. In the last decade, dental implants have become more widely available in dental practices, and are usually the treatment of choice for replacing a missing tooth or teeth.

They can be an option for most adult patients with good general oral health. Our dental implant dentists in Blackheath, London will help you decide if you are suitable for dental implants.

A dental implant is an artificial replacement for a tooth root, usually made of titanium, which is inserted into the bone where you have a gap. The top end of the dental implant usually has an internal screw thread, which allows a dental abutments to be screwed in. Once the abutment is placed onto the implant it is ready to support a crown, bridge or a denture depending upon individual circumstances.

Treatments at Artisan Implants

At Artisan Implants we offer:

Single Implants

Multiple Implants

Full Mouth Implants

New Teeth in a Day

Bone Augmentation/Grafting

Sinus Lifts

Gum Disease Treatment

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Single completed implant with crown

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Same day full jaw dental implants

Full jaw Dental implants with fixed teeth on the same day, £20,000 for both Jaws

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Implants can be used to replace single, multiple or all of your teeth

Artisan Implants offers many options for you to get your smile back.

Whether you are missing a single tooth, multiple teeth, or a full set of teeth, we can restore your smile and confidence.

With our wide range of costs options from cheap, affordable implants, to more luxury, bespoke implants, we guarantee we have the right solution for you.

Gap Restored With Single Tooth Implant in Blackheath LondonGap Restored With Single Tooth Implant in Blackheath London

Single Tooth Implant

Single tooth implants require one screw and cap per tooth. A single implant screw replaces the missing tooth and a natural tooth looking crown also called cap, is then attached to the implant.

This replacement tooth should work, look and feel like a natural tooth and requires the same care as a natural tooth.

Multiple Teeth Implant

Implants can be used to replace multiple gap or failing teeth, thus restoring appearance, function and confidence.

In a situation where there are multiple adjacent missing teeth, there is usually no need to have an implant for each missing tooth gap.

Usually, two dental implants can be used to replace three or four missing teeth in the form of a fixed bridge, for example three teeth on 2 implants or four teeth on 2 implants. This not only looks aesthetically very pleasing but works out to be more economical than having an implant placed per missing tooth.


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Smile Restored With Multiple Teeth Implants Blackheath LondonSmile Restored With Multiple Teeth Implants Blackheath London
Full Arch Implants Blackheath London After Implant RestorationFull Arch Implants Blackheath London After Implant Restoration

Full Arch Restoration / Teeth in a day

Full mouth implants can make use of four to six dental implants per upper and / or lower jaw/s. Once the dental implants are placed we can provide either 1) a temporary denture, which is worn during the implant integration phase or 2) a temporary fixed teeth, which is  attached to the implants on the same day.  These temporary teeth are then replaced with permanent fixed teeth after three to six months.

Teeth in a day, sometimes also referred to as ‘All-on-4’ or ‘Same Day Teeth’ involves the extraction of failing teeth, placement of dental implants and provision of fixed temporary teeth on the same day. For more information or advice on All-on-4 / Same Day Dental Implant, please do get in contact with us.

Bone Grafting

Bone loss and shrinkage is an inevitable consequence of tooth loss. The amount and extent of bone loss depends upon several factors including how long the tooth was lost, time since a tooth was ectracted, wearing dentures following extraction and patient’s genetic susceptibility.

The need for a bone graft procedure will normally be indicated either, at the time of implant placement or at a separate appointment before implant placement. A bone graft will build the bone density back enabling the area to successfully hold the implant.

At Artisan Implants we provide differnet options for bone graft procedures, ranging from small particulate bone graft materials for smaller defects to Block bone grafts for more significant bone defects.

Bone graft materials can be derived from your own bone or with the latest syntheic methods. Regardless of their origin all bone graft materials act as a scaffold for th fomration of new bone, enablig the placement of an implant.

Sinus Lifts

This procedure, also called Sinus Augmentation, is required when there is insufficient bone in the back of the upper jaw to successfully place dental implants. There are 2 ways to carry out the procedure.

1. Crestal Approach

This is employed when there is some bone height present but not enough to house the entire implant length. The dentist will use techniques to push the sinus floor and membrane up followed by placement of grafting material and the dental implant at the same time.

2. Lateral Window Sinus Grafts

This approach is used when there is a very significant vertical bone height deficiency. In this method a precise window is prepared in the sinus bone wall at the site of the implant placement to gain access to place a bone graft in the sinus.

During your dental implant consultation, if you do require a sinus lift, your dental implant surgeon will always explain to you what sinus lift procedure is required and why it is required.

Implant System at Artisan Implants

At Artisan Implants we use Megagen Implant system. This is a premier implant system with a unique Morse Taper connection which is a feature of very few high end implant systems. Megagen’s AnyRidge Implant, the implant we use, has been awarded the third consecutive certified award from the Clean Implant. Only a few implant companies in the world have been chosen to get this certificate of ‘Trusted Quality’.

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Dental Implant Patient Journey at Artisan Implants

Implant treatment usually involves several stages; a typical process includes:

Assessment and Planning:

At this appointment, the dentist will discuss all possible dental implants options and will assess your suitability for dental implant placement. Along with other assessments, X-rays and 3D bone imaging will be done, if required. A written full dental implant treatment plan will follow detailing the cost and sequence of treatments.

Implant Placement:

Implant placement is normally a minor surgical procedure that is performed under sterile conditions. Bone grafts, if required, can be done at this stage or sometimes prior to this depending upon individual requirements.

Integration or Rest Period:

Implants can typically take two to six months to fuse with the bone. During this time a temporary tooth or teech are placed. For full arch implants removable dentures or fixed teeth on implants will be provided aspropriate.


Once the bone has fused with the implants, the final tooth restoration will be made as planned, ranging from a single fixed crown, small or full mouth fixed bridge or a removable overdenture.