Dental Implants Blackheath – Case 3

Dental Implants Before & After – Case 3

Presenting complaint

Patient attended our practice complaining of 2 missing front teeth following an accident. Patient is very young and have tried to persevere with a removable denture but can’t get used to it and would like a fixed teeth solution. Patient had already consulted an implantologist at her dentist, but they were very expensive. After some research patient managed to find our practice however was a bit apprehensive as to how come our implant cost is so competitive. After thorough deliberation they decided to come in for a free consultation, still not sure if they would like to go ahead.

Treatment carried out (Guess the implant teeth)

Dental Implants Blackheath - Case 3 1

After a 60 minute long thorough clinical and radiographic examination was carried out, patient was very pleasantly surprised as she was not expecting such a detailed free consultation. A 3D CT Scan was taken and a written treatment plan was issued following the initial appointment. Patient had lost a significant amount of bone due to trauma and infection preceding the teeth extraction. Implant placement was carried out with the help of simultaneous bone grafting procedure to repair the bone defect.

Patient continued to wear her old dentures for 3 months before the implant was ready for the final teeth. In this instance we placed a 2 teeth bridge on a single implant. Patient was delighted with the end-result.

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