Dental Implants Blackheath – Case 1

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Dental Implants Before & After – Case 1

Presenting complaint

Patient attended our dental practice with a loose failing bridge on the right side of mouth and a loose denture on the left side. They had already consulted their dental practice who deemed their case unsuitable for a fixed dental implant restoration. Patient was very worried as she was struggling to eat because of loose teeth and was finding it very difficult to carry on her normal social life as she could not smile. The situation is even more complicated when we consider that patient has been associated with performing arts.

Dental Implants Blackheath - Case 1 1

Treatment carried out

After a thorough clinical and radiographic examination including a 3D CT Scan, we offered a treatment plan to the patient involving extraction of all of the remaining upper. loose and failing teeth and  provision of 6 dental implants with temporary teeth in the beginning to take us over the healing period of implants, followed by provision of fixed Zirconia based final teeth on implants. The whole procedure was very swift and painless.  In the final teeth we were even able to include a small gap between their front teeth which patient always cherished to have but have never had in their natural teeth.

Dental Implants Blackheath - Case 1 2

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