Dental Implants Blackheath – Case 4

missing teeth treatment with implants

Dental Implants Before & After – Case 4

Presenting complaint

When we saw the patient initially, she was very anxious and was embarrassed about her teeth.  Patient could not smile and was so happy that she had to wear a mask in public due to the COVID pandemic. Patient have had dental implants done abroad, 6 years ago. All the upper teeth visible in the picture except the front 3 teeth were implant retained bridges. In the lower jaw patient have had 4 teeth on 3 implants and the remaining teeth were either loose or they have had infections. All the implants were failing, with bone loss and infection around them. This was a particularly challenging case even for an experienced implant dentist.

Dental Implants Blackheath - Case 4 1

Treatment carried out

A thorough clinical and radiographic examination was carried out including a 3D CT Scan. The complexity of the case and the nature and extent of infection and bone loss meant that the case had to be staged to allow for optimal outcome.

In the initial stage all the diseased and failing implants and teeth were removed with a special atraumatic technique under Local anaesthetic and a removable denture was given to patient to wear for 6 weeks. Following healing, 6 upper and 5 lower implants were placed following ‘Teeth in a day’ protocol. With this technique implants were placed, bone grafting was carried out and patient’s dentures were converted to fixed teeth attached to the implants on the day of surgery.

Following 3 months of healing the temporary acrylic fixed dentures were replaced by state-of-the-art Zirconium based upper and lower fixed restorations.

Dental Implants Blackheath - Case 4 2

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